New SIM-only mobile service offers South Africans free airtime when they shop online

Aetas Mobile has launched its new SIM-only mobile service in South Africa, offering an “antidote to the mobile monopoly”.

The service is part of the Aetas network, which is headed up by 22-year-old Walter van Zyl.

“Aetas Mobile sells all the services consumers have come to appreciate from a mobile service operator, but at a significantly lower price point,” said the company.

“Not only is the price per minute on airtime and per MB on data extremely competitive, but consumers get back all the money they spend on their airtime and data.”

The service offers a rewards programme which give users value back each time they buy airtime and data.

“When they purchase the Aetas Mobile SIM online from our site – – and join our Shopper Club for R30 per month, all the money they spend on mobile airtime and data is given back to them to spend on more airtime and data, and on items available in the Aetas Mobile store,” said van Zyl.

He said when consumers purchase airtime, data, or items from their online store, each purchase receives the equivalent value in Aetas Mobile airtime.

“The Aetas Mobile shop includes… accessories, bedding, boutique wines, handbags, hats, kitchenware, menswear, towels, and womenswear.”

“A R150 spent on airtime or data nets the consumer another R150 to spend on airtime or data again, or something from the shop to the same value. Your choice,” said van Zyl, as an example.

The service is also available as a reseller agency at a cost of R9,000.

Pricing and Network

The network will run on Cell C’s infrastructure, and its products are priced as follows:

  • Calls – R1.79 per minute (billed per second) to any network.
  • Data
Aetas Data Bundles
100MB R30
300MB R90
500MB R109
1GB R179
2GB R350

“We sell airtime to our subscribers. The subscriber may then, via our USSD code, use airtime to purchase data,” said van Zyl.

“Our business is to give the client their money back and they may spend it as they see fit. On airtime, data, or anything in our shop.”


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