CarTrack’s Online Self help system is a rippoff for clients

As a systems engineer I find it very disturbing that a company of the magnitude of CarTrack has such ancient systems in 2019. I recently registered two vehicles with CarTrack . Their self help system needs to be revamped or replaced completely.

Why have separate system for one client ?

The CarTrack systems have different systems like to change your details , you need to go into one system and then to track your vehicle , you need to go into another system. This is very inconveniencing. CarTrack should rectify this.

Determining the exact  location

When you log onto their website and determine the current location of your vehicle , the system gives you a wide area which is way off the mark. Lets face it geolocation has so improved that you need to point me to the exact location of my vehicle. Whats is  the point of locating your asset if those that are suppose to give you the exact location are not giving you an accurate location ? Self service is very important to clients in determining the location of their vehicle. One doesn’t need to call a callcenter and be placed on hold for a service that you should access urgently.

No Geofencing facility

In their basic package , there is no geofencing facility on the website. This is something that the company should look into their system as it is very important to all clients.

Website Not Mobile Friendly

The website is very unfriendly.  CarTrack needs to look into this. The company should invest into their systems and understand that in 2019 most people access their internet on mobile devices. This is not an option but a necessity.


As a systems Engineer , I recommend CarTrack to invest heavily into their systems especially the self service aspects as this helps their clients to access the much needed vehicle tracking data without making calls. Accuracy is of paramount importance in modern days and their systems need to give an exact location in the serf service portal. More basic self service aspects need to be added into the web system.



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