iPhone 11 rumors: Price, specs, features

We probably won’t see Apple’s next iPhone — possibly called the iPhone 11 — until this fall, but 2019 is already a game-changing year for phones.

We’re at the dawn of 5Gthe next generation of cellular technology, which promises to increase connectivity speeds by an order of magnitude. Samsung’s foldable phone is due out on April 26 (with many others right behind), and a Xiaomi phone with two foldable screens is coming soon. And we’re seeing phones with advanced camera technology on store shelves with even higher-resolution imaging on the way.

And as far as we know, the next generation iPhone will have none of it.

With all of the biggest players set to debut 5G phones in 2019, the signals suggest that Apple won’t join them until 2020 — at the earliest. With the company still working to bring OLED displays to the entirety of its lineup, foldable screens don’t seem to be a realistic route on Apple’s near-term roadmap, despite the company having filed some interesting patents. There are some rumors about laser-guided, AR-ready, 3D cameras being integrated with Face ID in the future, but the consensus is that we’ll see only incremental steps for Apple’s camera technology in the next iPhone.

But, still, this is Apple. Despite signs of slumping performance at the end of 2018, it still made $37 billion in revenue from selling nearly 50 million phones from July through September last year. The iPhone remains a premium product sold by a premium brand. So we can’t count out the possibility of Apple surprising us this fall with revolutionary features or distinctive aesthetics.

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