Peepz raises investment after only 3 months since launch

The hot new eventech staffing portal Peepz, has gained investment of an undisclosed amount from Sozala Media after trading for only three months.

Full service activation agency, Sozala Media understands better than most the importance of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness. That’s exactly the reason why they recently chose to invest in Peepz, an innovative event staffing portal.

Peepz is a digital platform that offers event managers, brands and agencies a simpler, more convenient and much more effective way to connect with the staff and resources they need, when they need them. From promoters and brand ambassadors to models, waiters, event set-up crews and everyone in between, Peepz offers the ultimate one-stop solution. No matter the skill set required, staff can be sourced, geo-located, managed and paid – all with minimum hassle and at a fraction of the cost of traditional outsourcing.

Since launching in December 2018, Peepz has made it so much easier for users to find micro employment opportunities. Plus, it’s also the first platform in South Africa to cater specifically to the events and marketing industry, which has seen a few large buy-outs over the last few years. What’s great about Peepz is that anyone can register, go through the vetting process, choose how much they want to earn, and create a profile. Clients can then book candidates directly through the system, review them, and rely on an automated payment. And, it’s a system that’s fast proving beneficial to all parties involved – with some clients enjoying savings of up to 25%, while in many cases the candidates and staff are earning 10-15% more than they have in the past.

This kind of modernisation and original thinking is precisely what appealed to female-led directors of Sozala Media. “In the current economy, brands are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient with their marketing spend, while maximising effectiveness at the same time. Peepz is a cog in the marketing mix that will deliver this, and we are super excited to be working with them.”, says the Sozala Media partners.

Thanks to their experience and background in activations, Sozala Media could immediately see the disruptive value in the Peepz business model – as well as the significant potential it offers as a platform that can be used by agencies and corporates, both in South Africa and abroad.

Nick Holdcroft, Founder of Peepz says “We’re excited about what Sozala Media brings to Peepz. It is not purely an investment – they bring support structures that build our capabilities. We now have a partner that will assist us in ensuring our clients are looked after, and can feel confident when booking through Peepz. We’ve been growing quite rapidly in the last three months. We’ve managed to sign up one of SA’s largest alcohol companies, and our list of agencies using Peepz, grows daily. We had a number of investment offers, but Sozala offered more than just funds, and that’s what triggered our interest.”

No doubt this partnership between Sozala Media and Peepz will spark some exciting developments within the marketing industry.

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Nick Holdcroft – Founder of Peepz


Haneezka Palmer – Partner at Sozala Media

Sheralle Maclou – Partner at Sozala Media

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