Afrihost launches data rollover on all of its ADSL packages

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 Afrihost has launched data rollover on all of its capped ADSL packages, ensuring that subscribers do not lose out on unused data, a report MyBroadband.

According to the report,Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said that if you do not use all your DSL data in the current month, the leftover data will carry over until the end of the following month.

“So all of your data for March will now be valid until the end of April. Clients can easily see their carried over data from the previous month in their ClientZone or Mobile App,” said Visser, quoted MyBroadBand.

The report states that, subscribers will automatically use their rolled-over data first. “This will ensure that you can make use of last month’s rolled-over data before you start using your current month’s data.”

Data rollover will automatically apply to all of Afrihost’s new and existing capped DSL clients.

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