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Whether you aim at building portfolio as a writer/ journalist, have tips and tricks to make life easier, or simply want to help people out, we have large base of loyal readership varies from different social channels, ready to get technical inspiration from you.

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Tech Report keep track of social network activities and provide writers with the most up-to-date engaging topic ideas, to help you cover topics that lots of readers love. Our Editorial Team will also review your articles and guide you on crafting the best online content!

Interviews/Press Releases/Advertorial Articles

We do publish infomercials, advertorials or glorified press releases. We retain editorial oversight and will intro this sponsored article saying whatever we want. We guarantee the specific day of media coverage you request. You provide the content. We  charge a fee for publishing such articles. Please contact our editorial team on info[at] to submit your press release article.


Write with the reader in mind.

Writing for the web is different from writing for print. The best way to organize the piece is to start with a brief set-up that hooks the reader. Then organize the rest in segments.  Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Short paragraphs and headings within the article make it easier to read. Avoid throat-clearers or advice that readers will find obvious; use strong examples to support what you say.

Include a brief bio at the top.

This means: your name; the name of your company (with a link to your website); and if you’ve written a book relevant to the article, the title of that book with a link to the Amazon page or to your website if the book is available for sale there. If you tweet, please indicate that, and include a link to your Twitter profile page. Do not include self glorification — for example, that you are the best technical writer in the world.

Submit the completed article.

Please don’t send us a rough draft and ask us to critique it or tell you whether you are on the right track. Paste the article into the body of an e-mail, or attach it as a Microsoft word document. Please contact our editorial team on info[at] to submit your tech article.

What happens next?

We  will acknowledge receipt of your article the same day, and let you know within 24 Hrs whether it has been accepted for publication. If it is,we reserve the right to edit the article at our discretion, including changes in the text, subheads and headline, to improve readability and maximize web traffic.

Please contact our editorial team on info[at] to submit your tech article.

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