How Cool Ideas won the best ISP “triple-title”

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Fibre-only ISP Cool Ideas has been rated as the top ISP in South Africa for May 2018, according to MyBroadband’s speed test and user ratings results.

Cool Ideas scored a user rating of 4.51 out of 5 for the month, and achieved an average download speed of 46.67Mbps.

The top ranking comes after Cool Ideas took first place in the Netflix Speed Index for ISPs in April 2018, beating other local providers.

Cool Ideas also took top spot when it came to download speeds among the top ISPs connecting to Steam.

In the first week of June 2018, Cool Ideas’ users achieved an average download speed of 35.4Mbps when connecting to the gaming platform.

The trio of achievements also follow the company stating it tripled its user base in 2017.

This begs the question: What is Cool Ideas doing which allows it to consistently put in these good results, while still being able to take on more users?

Focus on fibre

Cool Ideas cofounder Paul Butschi told MyBroadband that running their own network makes a big difference from a performance perspective.

“If there are any issues, we have complete visibility of where they may be and can resolve it ourselves – instead of solely relying on an upstream,” said Butschi.

Their customers having unlimited usage also allows the ISP to focus on delivering more bandwidth, instead of dealing with managing different types of network traffic and shaping policies, he said.

“From a customer rating perspective, the network performance always helps, but we are also very focused on what we do as a business, which is fibre to the home.”

When it comes to topping various ISP rankings, Butschi said their primary objective is to “make sure our network runs as it should with enough capacity to deliver a great experience to our customers”.

“If you manage to do that correctly, then the ratings should follow.”

Butschi added that as more customers take up their services, scale will not be an issue.

“We have been managing scale since day one – it actually gets easier to scale once you reach a certain level of capacity, so we don’t see this as a problem,” he said.


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