How To Recover Data From Your Hard Drive

Hard drive crashes can be categorized into two types, logical or physical.

Logical data loss happens more often than physical data loss, and is typically easier to recover from. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers data recovery software  (which recovers  data loss)

Physical hard drive failure comes from internal components of the hard drive malfunctioning. This is much more serious because of the sensitive mechanics in a hard drive. Physical failure can deteriorate the condition of the hard drive platter much faster. If you suspect a physical failure, make sure to power off your hard drive.

Who’s to blame?

The most common reason for the faults of first type is errors in the partition table or in the file system structures. They can appear after incorrect or unplanned system shutdown, software or hardware failures or as a result of virus activity. Another possible reason is a partial damage to the disk surface (also known as bad sectors). Unfortunately, on modern drives bad sectors can be found after a few weeks or even after a few days of use.

If your data was lost due to the user mistake, then I think we need no further explanation for this reason 🙂

What to do?

If you haven’t copied or moved any new files over, then the old data is still physically exists, but all references to original files and folders in the file system now removed or corrupted. So you need to locate that data on the storage device and read it properly.

When data has been physically overwritten on a hard disk (e.g. you have formatted your drive and installed a new OS) it is generally assumed that complete recovery of the previous data is impossible. In this case your chances to rescue the information depend on your luck and proportion between the lost and written data.

To recover your data you may want to use special data recovery software such as  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard . Such programs usually scan the whole storage device and collect file system information. These scan results can be used to build a map of file fragments and directory tree. This map describes relations between files and clusters, file names, sizes and other file system attributes — everything that was found during the scan process. If this isn’t enough for recovery, then special extrapolation methods may be used to complement scan results. After that recovery program can read selected files and folders in accordance with the file map and copy them to another media.

According to my experience, if your storage device is in good order, then all the recoverable information can be rescued using the free data recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard . Only in certain cases low-level recovery can increase amount of salvaged information.

There is a certain probability that data loss has been caused by a physical failure of a drive. And possibly you will not be able to determine nature of such a failure without special tools and skills. Although software that we are going to use does not perform any destructive actions (it will not write anything on the drive we recover the files from), attempts to perform any rescue operations on a drive with physical damage will worsen the situation, up to complete impossibility of recovering anything at all. So if you have lost critically important information, you should contact a professional data recovery company such as EaseUs.

Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software searches through the used and empty space in your hard drive looking for detectable file patterns. The Software first scans the hard drive completely, then attempts recovery.

How Does Data Recovery Software Work?

When you delete files, the pathway to the file gets deleted, not the original file itself.  finds the known data patterns of your files and restructures the still existing file into a salvageable format. If parts of the data has been overwritten already, the chances of usable information drops dramatically.

Finding a Solution

If you hear or notice symptoms of a hard drive failure, make sure to power off your hard drive and seek immediate attention for your hard drive. If you have found this page, you are doing good as you can easily recover your data through EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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