MWEB uncapped advert now includes throttling info

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MWEB has amended its uncapped data advertisement to include throttling information, following an Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa complaint.

The “Uncapped Data + 20Mbps” promotion stated that the ISP’s service is “for users who prefer not to have a set monthly data limit”.

A user took issue with the advert’s wording, and argued the claim of “Uncapped Data” was misleading.

He said this gives the impression that uncapped means that you will be not be “capped”.

He added that throttling the speed of a connectivity package at a certain usage limit is a way of capping it.

Throttling the speeds which customers can achieve on their uncapped connections is common practice in the industry, and is traditionally based on a monthly fair usage limit.

MWEB responded, stating that the definitions of “uncapped” and “throttle” were omitted in error – but it has amended the terms and conditions of the advert to include these definitions.

The ASA accepted MWEB’s commitment to change its promotional material.


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