OnePlus 6 name confirmed

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The quick 4-second video flashes the phrase “THE SPEED YOU NEED” and the number 6, which confirms it will indeed be called the OnePlus 6. That speed will come from the Snapdragon 845, which was confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau on Weibo. He also said the device will have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This will be the first OnePlus device with that much storage.

The last bit of OnePlus 6 news will peak the interest of comic book fans. Last year, OnePlus launched a special edition of the OnePlus 5T for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It was only available in a few select countries, but it was a cool offering. This year, their flagship phone is looking to tie-in with Avengers: Infinity War. The video above was accidentally published to Facebook (mirrored below by AndroidCentral). It features the OnePlus and Avengers logos in quick succession. The post was pulled down, but it’s pretty obvious there will be some sort of connection.

We don’t know the official release date of the OnePlus 6, but Infinity War will be in theaters April 27th worldwide. It’s possible we could see the OnePlus 6 at that time. OnePlus released the Star Wars edition just a couple of days before The Last Jedi arrived in theaters. Hopefully, the Avengers edition will not be so region restricted. We should know more about the OnePlus 6 announcement, release date, and more in the coming weeks.


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