Quick Fixes for Gaming Software Problems

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There are many reasons why computers lag and while it is a common thing, it can be frustrating and even annoying when you’re in the middle of gaming. Examples of why this happen include aging computer parts that are unable to keep up with the demand of newer software, other times it could be unupdated firmware, and so many more. It is also important to note that even if you have the latest software, it won’t work well if your computer does not meet the required hardware specifications or if it does not have the right graphics card for it.

There may be times that newly-installed games are the reason why your new computer is running slowly. Again, this goes back to whether your gaming rig has the right hardware for graphically-demanding games. If you’re looking for quick fixes to make your gaming experience more smooth, below are some solutions:


They say that “PC is master race” and a lot of people think this is so because it provides a better gaming experience compared to the console especially for the same game. There are a few exceptions, of course, but most PC players stand by this and coupled with the fact that desktop hardware is much more advanced and some are designed to handle heavy graphics usage. There are glitches or some snags in the games with weird pixelated objects, screen flickering or overall something odd and out of place. While some glitches are minimal or temporary, it can be annoying if you get one every frame rendering the game unplayable.

A common cause of glitches may be outdated video card drivers. Patches and updates greatly help in making your computer run the game softly. There may be times where updates may do harm than good so as a precaution, do some quick Googling and look at others who have been having the same problem. If you have multiple updates, pick the right version that works the best.

Another reason why you may have glitches is that your computer is overheating. If you have a gaming rig, it is especially important for it to be within certain temperatures because anything beyond that will result in expensive permanent damage. If you have high-end components that produce a lot of heat quickly because you play graphically-demanding games, consider getting agaming liquid cooling system. They may cost a lot more than standard air coolers but they are vital in keeping your computer system cool, saving it from damage so you get the bang out of your buck by reassuring that you can play on your computer for a long time.

Computer Keeps on Rebooting

There are times where computers need to be rebooted multiple times and that is when there are updates. You’ll know it’s an update when the screen mentions it is updating something. If it is, then just wait it out. If not, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Another reason why it keeps rebooting even randomly is because the accumulated dust inside the CPU may be too much rendering it unable to function properly. This is especially true if your computer is not new. It is important to clean not only monitor and peripherals but inside the box as well. Make sure that you do a thorough but proper cleaning by taking special care when getting the dirt off sensitive hardware like the motherboard and graphics card.

Conduct Systems Check and Malware Removal

If the random rebooting problem has not gone away even after a thorough cleaning, you may have malware in your computer. Take care of this by conducting a systems check and by running a malware removal program. Cyber attacks are getting sophisticated so even if you have an antivirus that protects your computer, some malware can still get through via suspicious links, downloading software from an unsecured website, and more.

To make sure that your systems check and malware removal are not interrupted by another reboot, make sure to do it in “Safe Boot.” You can pop this menu up by pressing the F8 to start troubleshooting this problem. You can also use the advanced option of System Restore if you don’t mind the inevitable deletion of some files.

Even if you don’t have an existing problem, it is still a good idea to do routine systems maintenance. This is to make sure that you don’t have malware and to ensure that your PC is in tip-top shape. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to wait for a problem to pop up because while there are fixes that can help with issues, these methods are not guaranteed to leave important files intact.


There are games that take time to load and there are some that cause the computer to freeze. The reason why this occurs is that the computer lacks sufficient resources to fire up the game. Although the hanging goes away after a few seconds, it is recommended that you check the recommended specifications for the game especially if your PC is not brand new and the game is fairly recent.

By checking your computer’s video RAM, hard drive, and processor, you will understand why your game hangs. If it meets the requirements, but just barely, you may need to lower some settings if the freeze happens constantly in-game. You may also want to consider upgrading your hardware or download the latest drivers.

Maintenance is Key

If you want to get the best out of your computer, you need to do your part in maintaining it. It is a useful machine if done right and to retain its efficiency, upkeep is necessary. Even doing the most basic of maintenance can help prolong its life. Remember, don’t wait too long if your system is having constant problems. If quick fixes don’t work and you don’t know much about computers, consider going to the PC repair store to have it fixed.

What are your fixes for common gaming software problems? Share your advice in the comments.


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