South African-developed BuzzMe social media app review

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Buzzme is a location specific social networking app that connects Africa to Africa and Africa to the world. It is a mobile message and video calling network, where information, Pictures and Videos are shared between family, friends and business.

In an article published by Ventureburn the chemical engineer, entrepreneur, and developer, John Bock, says Africans need to communicate on social media and share unique stories. The app will connect local businesses, which will ultimately allow for more cross-border trading. The apps’ ability to search for users by geographic location should be able to help business development.

The app comes with the following features:

  • With chat and video integration, users can do video calling and create a group for video calling. The user is allowed to send videos and all this for free.

  • You can have short chit chat with your friends and family by sending videos and talking to each other free of cost.

  • Through this app, user can also search members from different geographical locations and even invite their friends to join on Buzzme.

  • Users can also send messages to each other thus stay connected with people for long time, with SMS system.

  • Friend and Family members can chat with each other using integrated chat system.

  • Users can exchange messages to each other via SMS over anywherein the world.


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