What South Africans want from their mobile network

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Recently a mobile network survey was conducted , where tech-savvy consumers were asked which aspects of their mobile network are the most important.

Users were asked to rank download speed, upload speed, latency, coverage, and reliability from the most important to the least important, in relation to network quality.

Users were also asked to give the relative importance of download speed, upload speed, and latency, as it relates to network performance.

The survey, which ran in January 2018, was completed by 1,150 South African mobile users.


The results show that download speed is the most important aspect of a mobile network, followed by network reliability and coverage.

The table below provides an overview of the most important aspects of a mobile network to South Africans.

Network Quality
Mobile Network Component Relative Importance
Download Speed 0.25
Coverage 0.24
Reliability 0.24
Latency 0.13
Upload Speed 0.13
Network Performance
Download Speed 6
Latency 2
Upload Speed 2



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