Telkom offers SA businesses one million megabytes of free ADSL data

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Telkom is offering “a million megabytes” of free Internet data to customers in the Small and Medium Business Services market.

The offer is subject to the signing of a new broadband bundle contract, and is priced from R249 a month over 36 months for a 2Mbps ADSL line with a SoftCap data allocation of 10GB.

Subscribers who sign up then receive 28GB of free data every month on top of their usual allocation.

Those on faster lines are able to sign up for the same product, but the price will differ according to the line speed.

The offer includes free broadband access for the final two months of the contract period, a Wi-Fi modem, and additional 10GB of promotional data as per Telkom Internet’s current Double Data promotion which runs until 31 March 2016.

Customers also receive free Internet failover using Telkom’s integrated data SIM – which gives you access to your ADSL data wallet through mobile connectivity.

As part of the package, customers will also be offered a two-hour remote website consultation that will assist with website effectiveness.











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