ThriveMap augments hiring decisions by assessing cultural fit through data analytics

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Data analytics but become a common method to augment hiring decisions, but London startup ThriveMapclaims to offer something unique. While its competitors provide their clients with psychological assessments, ThriveMap shifts the focus to assessing cultural fit.

The software acts as a matchmaker between job-seekers and work teams by processing answers to its survey through user-friendly analytics.

“Typically, talent assessment tools are the privilege of C-suite hiring, predominantly because of the expense and the barrier to entry,” says Thrivemap’s founder Christopher Platts.

“You normally have to go through a qualification or certification in a particular psychometric theory in order to be able to administer tools in this space. The opportunity that we saw was to democratise access to these kinds of analytics, to take them out of the hands of highly paid psychologists and put them in the hands of everyday managers.”

The company achieves this with a survey that measures the preferences of the existing workforce and of potential new recruits. The comparison is then provided through simple data visualisations.


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