Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S matches iPhone X and Mate 10 Pro in DxOMark

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Xiaomi isn’t known for highly rated cameras on their smartphones, but things are slowly changing in favor of the Chinese brand.

As mentioned in our launch article, Xiaomi’s latest flagship handset, the Mi Mix 2S, has garnered a score of 97 on DxOMark, which rates and ranks the cameras of smartphones from popular brands.

That’s a big deal, because that places the Mi Mix 2S on the same level as the Apple iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s cameras — two of the best we’ve reviewed and compared recently. Only the Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ outrank these three phones, but not by much.

What’s more impressive, however, is the photo score of the Mi Mix 2S, which is a whopping 101. That’s higher than the 99 of the Pixel 2 and 100 of the Mate 10 Pro, meaning the Xiaomi flagship is part of the cream of the crop in terms of still photography.

It’s only the video score that brings down the Mi Mix 2S’ overall rating. With only 88 points, it ranks lowest out of all the phones mentioned here. DxOMark faults the handset for its loss of fine details and inconsistencies during recording.

Still, Xiaomi has to be proud about this rating. Adding a secondary camera with optical zoom and integrating AI for better processing turned out to be a winning formula. This is the first time Xiaomi hit such a high note for its cameras, and they’re rewarded for it.

You can learn more about DxOMark’s detailed breakdown of the Mi Mix 2S on their website.


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