Yopa App a platform that connects shoppers to retailers coming soon to Android,Apple & Windows

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‘’Yopa App is a platform that connect shoppers to retailers during sales ,discounts and promotion periods’’. Consumers can now start discovering deals, updates and promotions with the help of their social connections, family, co-workers and friends. With our discount/distance platform that allows consumers to discover/compare products during sale and promotion periods in real time. We are helping shoppers find great deals and helping businesses reach their target audience in a more efficient way’’ .

Yopa understands the hardship of browsing through multiple sites and checking through different stores for the best deals, and being spammed with countless deals you are not interested in. You don’t really know how close you are to what you need, and many times you miss deals that are in very close proximity to your location. YoPa is dedicated to find you the best deals and deliver results to you in real time, as if that is not enough, you can imploy the help of your social connections, family, workers and friends to find your needs for you. We are Your Own Personal Assistant. Yopa! Let your needs find you.



Follow your needs, follow your favorite brands,categories to get tailored updates just for your timeline and notifications.


Grab the needs you want and you can see where they are available and select the most suitable option for you either online or in-store experience and let us take you there.


Send a Rescue alert out to your family, friends, social circle on the app if a product on your timeline is out of your physical range,price range. Rescue allow your circle to assist you in sourcing for your need. Rescue allows your friend to see your needs and share it with you. Share your discovery with your circle too.


Smash the products that doesn’t suit your need so you can always keep your timeline neat and spam free, then simply let us continue searching for your needs.

It is the objective of the Yopa App to make use of technology to address the problems that have in fact arisen as a result of exponential growth in accessibility to technology.

The Yopa App is a B2C( Business to Consumer ) platform that is using Social Media Experience and Mobile Technology(app) to change the way we shop, the way we view advertisements, the way we navigate the web and the physical spaces in our lives



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